Your Skin pH and why it matters | Why it matters and how to restore it.

Your Skin pH and why it matters | Why it matters and how to restore it.

With the advent of scientific advancements, more and more skin conscious individuals are becoming familiar with their skin’s pH.


A pH is a numeric value that ranges between 1–14. It is an indicator of how acidic or alkaline is a substance. On a pH scale, anything below 7 is acidic and above 7, everything is alkaline. 7 is considered to be a neutral pH, where a substance is neither acidic nor alkaline. Have a look at the chart below to further understand the pH scale.


Measuring the pH of anything is effortless. A simple litmus test does the job. Different shades of litmus paper indicate different levels of potential hydrogen (pH) of a substance. For instance, you can do a litmus test on your everyday facial bar to better understand its pH level. Different colours represent different levels of hydrogen present. But what does all of this have to do anything with your skin?


In this article, you shall find all the answers relating to your skin’s health with regards to the pH of your skin.

  1. What is Skin pH?

  2. Which is an ideal Skin pH?

  3. Why is maintaining a healthy Skin pH necessary?

  4. What factors cause imbalances in your Skin pH?

  5. How to restore your Skin pH?

  6. How can skincare help in maintaining Skin pH?

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What is Skin pH?


You’ve probably heard about the importance of pH in various daily care products since you were a kid, but did you know your skin has its own pH level? Not only does human skin have an ideal pH level, but it also varies according to different body parts.


The pH of your skin helps to keep a balance of acidity and alkalinity, which protects your skin from external impurities like germs, bacteria, and toxins. Your pH balance also keeps your skin hydrated and separates the essential nutrients and minerals.


The skin undergoes several changes through the years and becomes more alkaline with age, especially for women as they undergo menopause. The skin pH of men is slightly more acidic from that of women.


Which is an ideal Skin pH?


Surprisingly, the ideal pH of your skin must fall on the acidic side rather than alkaline. Studies suggest that an ideal pH for facial skin falls just in the range of 5. For women this range is anywhere between 4.5 to 5.5 while it goes lower for men. A skin with a perfectly balanced pH is healthy and well hydrated.


The pH of your skin is directly linked to your skin type. The pH of oily skin is usually between 4.2 and 5.2, while the pH of dry skin is sometimes higher than 5.5. Different skins have different pH levels, but it is prudent to maintain it regardless.


Why is maintaining a healthy Skin pH necessary?


Your skin’s pH plays a prudent role in your skin’s health conditions. An acidic pH is the key to a healthy skin which forms a protective barrier against the external toxins. It neutralizes all the alkaline based surfactants and restricts the bacterial growth. A healthy skin pH also helps attain skin’s natural radiance.


The skin becomes irritated, dry, and hypersensitive to external factors when the pH is disturbed. Acne, pimples, dryness, eczema, and other skin conditions commonly seem to develop due to the pH imbalance. Abnormal changes in the facial skin is a bigtime indication of pH imbalances in your skin.


What factors cause imbalances in your Skin pH?


Changes in your lifestyle, diet, and sleep pattern can all have an impact on your skin’s pH. It does not remain the same throughout your life. The pH of your skin is constantly changing as a result of anxiety, stress, the products you use, the environment you live in, hormonal changes, and other factors.


When pH fluctuations occur, the protective barrier is impaired giving rise to multiple skin conditions. Acne, dryness, and uneven skin are a result of pH fluctuations. The protective barrier is frequently ripped away by the overexposure to harmful chemicals. Therefore, special emphasis is given to pH-balanced skin products.


How to restore your Skin pH?


Even if your skin’s pH is imbalanced, it’s okay. You can always work towards restoring it. Start off by properly reading about your skincare products. When it comes to your face, make sure you only use pH-balanced products. Cut down on any product that contains harmful toxic chemical infusion.


Healthy lifestyle changes and a green diet rich in nutrients and minerals are also known to restore your skin’s ideal pH. Water is capable of resolving 99% of your skin’s pH issues. Stay hydrated at most times to avoid any pH imbalances in the first place.


Cleansing your face with a pH-balanced bar also helps keep your skin well moisturized.


How can skincare help in maintaining Skin pH?


A pH balanced and a sulphate-free skincare helps retain the necessary pH of the skin and does not rupture the outer layer. Easyderma is a Dermatologically-approved skincare brand, proven to limit pH imbalances in all skin types. Unlike ordinary facial soaps, it uses the syndet formula to nourish your tender skin and maintain the ideal pH of your skin.


Care with Easyderma bars is mild yet potent on your sensitive skin and does not cause any harmful side effects compared to ordinary skincare products.


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