Skincare Routine - A complete step-by-step guide towards daily skincare.

Skincare Routine - A complete step-by-step guide towards daily skincare.

Your body requires an adequate amount of care and so does your skin. You need a special and specific skincare routine to help you retain your skin’s natural pH.


Ideal skin is a myth. Years of misogyny have just created a superficial beauty standard of flawless skin. Skin with no acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and dark circles is considered perfect skin. However, skin is only perfect when it is healthy and hydrated.


Why does skincare matter?


Every skin requires optimal care. There are several skincare routines, but more importantly, there is a systematic way to complete the routine. You can opt for a 4-step or a 10-step skincare routine. However, the order in which you apply your decided products makes all the impact. The way you layer each product shall determine the results.

Jade roller
Jade roller

You may be following a skincare routine already, but how sure are you of using it in the correct order?


You do not want to spend money on a rejuvenating face serum only to get no results due to the abrupt order of application, do you?


If you’re in a dilemma, then this is the perfect page for you. Here, you will understand the intensity of every step in your skincare, the difference, and how to achieve maximum benefits out of each step.

  1. What are the basics of a skincare routine?

  2. How to layer your skincare routine?

  3. What is the correct order of your day-time skincare?

  4. What is the correct order of your night-time skincare?

What are the basics of a skincare routine?

Makeup remover
Makeup remover

Before jumping on to advanced steps, start with the basic cleaning. If you’re someone who applies makeup, make sure you remove all the cosmetic agents from your skin. Micellar water and coconut oil work best for removing stubborn makeup. This step remains the same irrespective of your skincare routine.


Once done, wait for a while before cleansing your face. Rushing skincare may, in turn, do more harm than good. At times, rigorous applications end up rupturing your skin.


How to layer your skincare routine?


Layering is all about deciding the correct order of your skincare products.


Did you know?


There is a prime difference between your day routine and night routine. While most of the steps remain the same, the order of application is quite different.

Cleansing is the foremost step in any routine. If you have acne-prone skin, you must cleanse your face with a sulphate-free and a pH-balanced syndet bar rich in aloe vera and organic activated bamboo charcoal. This shall help retain the natural pH and restrict the accumulation of new acne.


For particularly dry skin, you must use a sulphate-free & a pH-balanced syndet moisturizing bar. This shall not only cleanse but also hydrate and moisturize your skin.


What is the correct order of your day-time skincare?


The morning routine is mainly about skin protection against the sun, dust, pollution, and other harmful external agents. It is better to leave the healing and repair to the night routine.


Step 1. Cleanse.


Begin your morning routine by splashing warm water on your face or a gentle face cleanser. Dab the water with a soft face towel.


Step 2. Tone.

Tone in skin care

If your face bar is well balanced with an ideal pH of 5.5, you can skip the toner as they help you achieve your natural pH. They minimize the pores of your face.


Step 3. Serum.

use of Serum for skin care

You can use a serum that specifically targets a particular area of your skin. They are filled with nutrients and vitamin E that make your skin radiant.


Step 4. Moisturize.

Mpisturizer for skin care

While most people undermine the importance of a good moisturizer, it is one of the most vital steps of your skincare. It locks the serum and toner and keeps the skin hydrated for a longer time.


Step 5. Sunscreen.

Sunscreen for skin care

This is the last step towards the complete morning skincare routine. Wear sunscreen irrespective of the weather. It creates a protective barrier and keeps external pollutants from entering the skin.


What is the correct order of your night-time skincare?


While most people are too lazy while performing the night routine, you must carry out the routine for healthy and glowing skin.


Step 1. Double Cleanse.

Double Cleanse for healthy skin
Double Cleanse

It is very important to deeply cleanse and remove all the impurities stuck on your face. The oil accumulation, pollutants, dust, and all the other adulterations. Use a good moisturizing bar to cleanse your face at night.


Step 2. Natural Essence.

Natural Essence for skin care
Natural Essence

This step is to hydrate the skin after a long busy day. You can use multiple face mists, toners, or rose water. You can keep a small bottle handy and use the same during the day.


Step 3. Eye Cream.

Eye Cream for skin care
Eye Cream

The skin underneath your eyes suffers the most pressure. A simple eye rub can also cause damage. Give it the relaxation it requires by gently massaging an eye cream.


Step 4. Hydrating Masks.

Hydrating Masks for skin care
Hydrating Masks

The night is the time when your skin gathers the necessary nutrients. Make the most of this time by treating it with super hydrating masks rich in Vitamin E.


Step 4. Night Cream.

Night Cream for skin care
Night Cream

Lock the entire nourishment of your night care with the help of moisturizing night cream. A highly moisturizing sulphate-free moisturizing lotion shall keep your skin softer and smoother.


Note: You may add or remove steps from the routine listed per your Dermatologist’s recommendation.


Now that you’re aware of the importance of proper skincare routine, it is prudent for you to find the right product for each step. Easyderma is a Dermatologically-approved brand, free from any harmful chemicals.


It uses a pH-balanced balanced and a sulphate-free formula to provide a soothing care to your skin. This syndet formula used for the nourishing care of your tender skin is essential for keeping skin problems at bay. Easyderma is mild on your sensitive skin and does not cause any harmful side effects compared to ordinary soaps.


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