How to Protect your Skin from Summer Sun? | Tips for Summer Skincare.

How to Protect your Skin from Summer Sun? | Tips for Summer Skincare.

The bright summer days are here to visit us once again. Your skin needs extra hydration as the sun keeps getting hotter each summer.

Summer Skin Care
Summer Skincare

The summer heat can suck up all moisturization and hydration, leaving your skin dry and flaky. Plus, the excessive loss of water due to sweat can make matters even worse. With summer around the corner and vacation days on their way, it’s time for you to update your skincare routine and include all the hydrating agents in it.


However, drinking water is not enough. A human must drink 3–4 litres of water every day, but can you even gulp a third consecutive glass of water? In this case, how is your skin going to fight the harsh waves of summer?

Skin Hydration
Skin Hydration

Well, humans are made up of 70% water, but the storming summer heat can still leave your skin droughted. To make up for the loss of all the water, your skin needs adequate hydration from within. Make sure your skin is watered enough to be hydrated for long hours.


If you’re yet wondering what other than water can help your skin, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find the complete guide on how to take care of your skin during summer days and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  1. Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse

  2. Lighter, Softer Moisturization

  3. Don't let the Sun scream at you

  4. How to find Summer Care in one place?

To know the importance of a particular step, jump directly onto them with the help of the given links.


Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse

pH-balanced cleanser
pH-balanced cleanser

Nothing freshens up your skin better than a deep cleansing session. Cleansing your face twice a day will keep your skin from breaking out. You need not exfoliate every day, but cleansing is a must. As we tend to sweat more, there is a higher chance of impurities latching on our wet skin. You can do a facial skin icing in the morning to beat the heat and prep your skin for the upcoming day. But once you hit home in the evening, make sure you wash off all your makeup (if any) and give your skin the cleansing it needs.


Clean away all the impurities and pollutants with a perfectly pH-balanced acne support bar. This shall help you retain your skin’s natural pH during summer, saving it from bacterial damage. To further understand the importance of your skin pH, read our article on Your Skin pH and why it matters | Why it matters and how to restore it.


Lighter, Softer Moisturization

Sulphate-free Moisturizer
Sulphate-free Moisturizer

Moisturizers are the ultimate source of skin hydration during summers. However, there isn’t much emphasis on the importance of moisturizing. A nourishing moisturizer can improve your skin’s health. It may be among the last few steps of a skincare routine, but your skincare would not give you any results without it.


A super hydrating moisturizing lotion shall contain shea butter, Tocotrienols — 21st-century elixir for a healthy skin, and many more. Most of all, it would be completely sulphate free, which is a harmful chemical that causes skin irritation.


If you’re in a dilemma, you can always look for a Dermatologist recommended moisturizer, which is specially created to lock in all the necessary nutrients to keep your skin hydrated for longer hours. Include a moisturizer in your morning and evening routine. If you’re unsure about layering the moisturizer, use this guide for reference.


Skincare Routine — A complete step-by-step guide towards daily skincare.


Don’t let the Sun Scream at you.


How can we leave out sunscreen during the hottest days of the year? While you should wear a sunscreen irrespective of the weather, hot summer days call for extra precaution. Identify your skin type and choose the right sunscreen for yourself.


With the ever-increasing global warming, make sure to increase the SPF level of your sun protection as well. Use a min SPF 50+ for adequate protection against the sun.


Your face isn’t the only part that requires security against the sun. Make sure you apply a good amount of sunscreen on all the body parts exposed to the sun to avoid tanning, sunburns, and dark spots.


How to find Summer Care in one place?

Easyderma Skincare
Easyderma Skincare

Now that you’re aware of the importance of a summer skincare routine, it is prudent for you to find the right product for each step. Easyderma is a Dermatologically-approved brand, free from any harmful chemicals.


It uses a pH-balanced and a sulphate-free formula to provide a soothing care to your skin. This syndet formula used for the nourishing care of your tender skin is essential for keeping skin problems at bay. Easyderma is mild on your sensitive skin and does not cause any harmful side effects compared to ordinary soaps.


Shop for Easyderma products online and have them shipped at your doorstep.

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