Harmful chemicals to avoid in skincare products

Harmful chemicals to avoid in skincare products

Everyone desires a mild and gentle care for their skin


Skin conscious adults with a sound knowledge of skin pH levels are increasingly choosing a pH-balanced skincare over the highly-commercialized skincare products.

Every product is a combination of several ingredients. Most brands try to avoid harmful synthetic chemicals in their products. Yet, a few toxic chemicals can be found in acne treatment solutions. They are primarily added to extend the product’s shelf life. These ingredients are listed most trivially and can easily slip your sight. Therefore, it is crucial for you to properly check the entire ingredient list before making any buying decision.


Landing a toxin-free skincare brand can be challenging at times, especially when the world’s best brains work around the clock to persuade you into buying their skincare products. Instead of becoming a victim of the marketing tips and tricks, you must be completely aware of all of the potentially toxic ingredients found in your daily care products.


What are the most dangerous ingredients for sensitive skin?

Toxin overload can lead to several long-term side effects. Many ingredients cause the accumulation of dead skin cells, allergic reactions and even develop pimples on your sensitive facial skin. Some of the ingredients that cause significant harm over time are parabens, fragrance, phthalates, sulphates, dyes and so on. Be certain that your skincare products are free of all of them.


This article shall list the toxic chemicals that must be avoided but are commonly found in cosmetics & skincare products. You can learn more about the harmful chemicals and their effects on your skin by clicking on one of the following links.

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What are the dangers of parabens?

Parabens are most commonly found in foamy products like face bars, shampoos and body washes. They are popular due to their ability to be washed away. Multiple skincare and beauty products contain them as a preservative.


Extensive paraben usage should be avoided at all costs because they can cause acne and severe irritation to sensitive skin. Heavy paraben absorption through the skin might result in hormone imbalances and metabolic problems. Ensure that the ingredients list is entirely free from parabens to keep your skin clear and healthy.


What are the negative consequences of fragrance in skincare products?

Another leading cause of allergic skin reactions in adults is artificial fragrances. Stay away from every skincare product that contains perfumes, synthetic fragrances or any scent-related ingredients.


Several synthetic chemicals make up most of any perfume’s composition. Frequent use of fragrances can lead to negative consequences, such as the development of unwanted facial oils and respiratory problems. On the other hand, natural scents are unlikely to cause such allergic reactions. Instead, you can use essential oils with a light fragrance blended with natural extracts.


What are the disadvantages of sulphates in personal care products?

Sodium lauryl, sodium laureth and other sulphate combinations are harsh chemical blends that can easily irritate the delicate skin of your face. They are widely found in the adult skincare range. They are prominently present in lather products such as toothpaste and body soaps among other things. Excessive sulphate exposure can cause eczema flare-ups and other skin problems.


Sulphates aren’t particularly dangerous, but they might irritate sensitive skin by causing redness, dryness, or itching. It is preferable to use sulphate-free skincare products on a daily basis.


What are the dangers of phthalates in skincare products?

Phthalates are present in a wide range of adult-care products. While they are proved to be dangerous chemical preservatives, studies even suggest that extended exposure can lead to human development problems, long-term skin allergies and poor reproductive organ health.


Preservative chemicals called phthalates slow down any bacterial growth. The use of such preservatives regularly can irritate your sensitive skin. As a result, choosing phthalate-free face care is always a good idea. While most companies have already limited the use of phthalates, it is advisable to double-check the ingredients list to see whether there are any potentially dangerous compounds in your skincare products.


What is the significance of an ingredients list?

Every person’s ultimate goal is to have toxin-free, pH-balanced skincare that keeps their skin healthy and nourished. An excellent skincare product contains all the necessary components to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. It provides you with genuine information that assists you in making the right purchase. Each ingredient’s exact quantity and quality must be listed in the product’s ingredients list. All of the components must be made visible with absolute transparency. If you come across a product with a list of ingredients that isn’t obvious, it is advisable to avoid it.


Which brand offers chemical-free skincare products?

Easyderma is a dermatologically-approved brand, free from harmful chemicals. The syndet formula helps in keeping acne at bay. The ingredients of Easyderma bars are mild yet potent on your sensitive skin and do not cause any harmful side effects.

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