5 Dermatologically Tested Tips for a Smooth and a Bump-Free Skin.

5 Dermatologically Tested Tips for a Smooth and a Bump-Free Skin.

Dermatologists are the ultimate skin experts who guide us on the path to a healthier skin. While everyone desires a spot-free clear skin, there’s only a little that we can do to achieve a smooth and a bump-free skin.

Healthy skin
Healthy skin

With tons of skincare and beauty products available at just a click, there’s a never-ending race between brands providing the best possible care for your skin. However, while competing with each other, most of the time, brands neglect the actual aim of the product. Instead of providing a pH-balanced or a sulphate-free care, the quest is to offer a pleasing product. Such products cause more harm than good to your sensitive skin.


There are a gazillion factors that cause damage to your delicate skin. You have come a long way from changing seasons, harmful city pollutants, stress breakouts, and sun damage to dealing with acne as a hormonal change. While a hydrating and a moisturizing skincare regimen definitely works, it’s hard to maintain consistency with bombarding everyday stressors.

Clear skin
Clear skin

However, as promised, you shall find amazingly helpful tips for maintaining clear skin without any bumps or dark spots in this article. These skincare tips are not only recommended by Dermatologists but have generated proven results for all skin types.

  1. Everyday Exfoliation.

  2. Healthy & Hydrating Diet.

  3. A pH-balanced Moisturizer.

  4. Fix your Sleep Cycle.

  5. Shut the Sun.

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1. Everyday Exfoliation

Exfoliation for skin care

As per doctors’ reports, everyday cleansing and exfoliation help retain the natural radiance of the skin. Plus, it is the ultimate way to remove all the traces of dirt, grease, and makeup without rupturing your skin.


Using a moisturizing acne-support bar for daily cleansing would take you a long way in achieving a healthy skin. Most Dermatologists recommend using a sulphate-free syndet bar as it helps your skin retain its ideal pH. They are mild and profoundly cleanse without making your skin look dry and flaky.


2. Healthy & Hydrating Diet

Healthy diet for skin care
Healthy diet

You already know junk food is not good for your skin. However, were you aware that oily processed foods, alcohol, and excessive fats largely contribute to destroying your skin’s ability to heal itself?


An unhealthy diet leads to an imbalance of healthy hormones, resulting in skin breakouts. Maintain a colorful diet for your skin. Watery fruits and vegetables will instantly boost your skin’s defenses against uneven bumps. Water usually solves 99% of skin problems. Just be hydrated and let the water do its magic.


3. A pH-balanced Moisturizer

pH-balanced Moisturizer
pH-balanced Moisturizer

Whether you have an oily or a dry skin, moisturizing is essential for all skin types. Every moisturizer is a blend of hydrating oils which deals with the dead skin cells and provides you with a smooth skin. An extremely hydrating moisturizer shall help contain all the good nutrients necessary for your skin.


Applying a pH-balanced moisturizer on damp skin helps your skin stay hydrated and moisturized for the prevailing day. It reverses, reduces, and efficiently repairs any harmful effect of bacterial growth on your skin.


4. Fix your Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle Importance
Sleep Cycle

Your body requires an adequate amount of sleep to restore and heal itself. Depriving your skin of necessary rest hours will only result in bumpy, uneven skin. Improper sleep cycle indirectly resonates with stress, which is harmful to your sensitive skin.


The exhaustion from an unhealthy sleep cycle haunts you the next day when your skin becomes saggy and dull. In order to keep your skin fresh looking and vibrant, make the beauty of sleep your top priority. Sleep for at least seven to eight hours daily for relishing a fresh skin.


5. Shut the Sun

Sunscreen for skin care

The harmful side effects of UV rays are no new bad news for your skin. Apart from tanning, a prolonged exposure to the sun causes a cumulative effect that results in loss of skin elasticity. Whether you’re chilling under the sun on a beach or hanging out while it rains cats and dogs, UV protection is a must.


It is an ultimate weapon against bumpy and textured skin. About 80% of rays can penetrate right through your car mirror, even on wintery days. While the sun does not give up, why should you give up on your skin?

Easyderma for Dermatological skin care
Easyderma for skincare

While the Dermatologists are recommending all these tips, they also recommend the pH-balanced and sulphate-free care of Easyderma. It is a perfect elixir for a smooth and a bump-free skin.


Easyderma is a Dermatologically-approved brand, free from any harmful chemicals. It uses a pH-balanced, sulphate-free formula to provide gentle care to your skin. This syndet formula used in the bars for the nourishing care of your tender skin is essential for keeping skin problems at bay. Easyderma is mild on your sensitive skin and does not cause any harmful side effects compared to ordinary soaps.


Shop for Easyderma products online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

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